Most Common Taxi Scams in India

a taxi driver in a car

Hi guys! It’s Mat again and today I will continue my story on how to avoid getting scammed while traveling India. This time I will tell you about transport and the ways drivers use to cheat tourists out of their money. Read More »

5 Most Common India Travel Scams

an indian driver in a taxi

Hello guys, Today I’d like to tell you about the less pleasant part of traveling the beautiful country of India. Unfortunately, every place frequented by tourists is plagued by frauds of all kinds. Thus, you’ll need to be very careful if you don’t want to be robbed of your money. Read More »

The Best of Srinagar

view on Srinagar

Hi, guys. It’s me again and this time I have recently visited a city of Srinagar and I must say that this place is quite curious and attractive for the travelers who enjoy oriental stories and traditions. Read More »