Top 10 Places to Visit in Jaipur

the world-famous Amber Fort in jaipur

It will take you weeks to explore Jaipur and see all the wonders it has to offer. It is highly unlikely that you will be able to visit all the best places in one vacation. Thus, here is a list of ten most notable attractions that you should start with Read More »

Top 10 Places to Visit in Delhi

people near the Bahai Temple

India is a country where no tourist can get bored. In fact, there are so many interesting places to visit here that it will take you months to see them all. You should start your explorations in Delhi, as this is the heart of the country. Here is a list of the 10 hottest attractions that everyone must see when ... Read More »

Travelling India Safely: Tips for Women

an European woman on an Indian street

Many of the girls I know ask me whether it is safe for them to travel around India by themselves or with other girls. As the issue of women’s safety in India has been a pressing matter in the news lately, I feel that I must offer some tips that I learned from experience of my female friends who came ... Read More »

Don’t Get Sick When Eating in India

a seller touching food with dirty hands

One of the main traveller’s pleasures is trying all kinds of exotic foods. You will undoubtedly be attracted by the smells coming from numerous street food stalls in India. There is no way to actually hold back from trying all these interesting delicacies. Read More »

Top 10 Must Try Foods in India

several traditional india meals

A chance to enjoy delicious exotic treats is one of the reasons that makes coming to India a great idea. Local food is truly incredible. You can be sure that your regular breakfast will never feel the same after you get a taste of genuine Indian spices. Read More »

Vaccines Recommended for Travelers to India

a Globe and a vaccine

Today I’d like to tell you about one very important thing that every person must know before travelling to India. I mean vaccines that you will require to stay healthy during the trip, especially if you plan to visit this country during the monsoon. Read More »